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What Does a ZB Session Look and Feel Like?

A ZB session usually lasts 30-45 minutes. The client lies supine on a massage table fully clothed in loose, comfortable clothing. In a carefully organized sequence, the ZB practitioner engages the whole body by placing gentle pressure or traction into key joints and other bony landmarks. Being met and engages at bone energy level, the client's body easily releases areas of deeply held tension.

What can Zero Balancing do for you?

> Relieve tension, stress, and pain

> Improve balance and mobility

> Amplify calm and well-being

> Quiet the mind and expand awareness

The Roots of Zero Balancing

ZB was developed in the 1970's by Fritz Frederick Smith, MD, an American physician, osteopath and acupuncturist. Dr. Smith, born in 1929, is one of the first western physicians to study acupuncture, meditation and other eastern healing methods comprehensively. Zero Balancing is his legacy, a synthesis of Eastern and Western though and method.

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